Wish Line

Thank you for visiting our digital “Wish Line”!  There are always needs throughout the school that the budget doesn’t cover. The Wish Line was created to provide an opportunity to bless our teachers and staff with items that help our students and programs thrive. Want to help? Take a look at the list below. If you’d like to donate to or purchase one of these items, please contact Jennie Leichty at [email protected] Thank you for helping us go above and beyond so that we can serve our students even better!

Item Description Cost Quantity
Soccer Benches Benches for home and visiting teams to use on the sideline $150 2
School Safety Flashlights for staff emergency bags $6 35
Sewing Machines To be used in Home Economics $119 7
Basketballs To replace the some of the well used basketballs $70 5
Bluetooth Speaker Quality speaker to be used in auditorium for solo and ensemble performances $130 2
Globe To use for lessons in RISE 56 classroom $35-$50 1
Books High interest/ Low reading level set of fiction books for 5th-8th grade, (1 set = 25 books) $220 1
Classroom Tables For student seating in HS classrooms $130 6
Bean Bag Filler To restuff beanbags in 4th grade classroom $15 1
Outdoor Sound System To be used by athletics for our outdoor sports games $1,000 1
Music Library Boxes Small and medium boxes to be used to file music  $.70/box 10
Record Boards To display school athletics records in the gym and surrounding hallways $70-100 3