Supporting Scholarships

It is a joy for us to offer various scholarships to our students and graduating seniors. Through donors like you, we can recognize those students who have been exemplary in their studies and service-mindedness throughout their time at Lakewood. Read more about the scholarships we offer, and consider partnering with us to bless those students who have been a blessing to our school community.  Give Now

Valedictorian Scholarship
To reward the top academic student for hard work and continued excellence

Salutatorian Scholarship
To reward the second in rank for academic excellence and hard work

Difference Maker Scholarship
To match our mission of “Shaping Difference-Makers in Christ” we would like to award one of our most outstanding difference makers who exemplifies the following characteristics:

  • Spiritual Vitality: Knowing Christ and being alive in Him
  • Moral Discipline: Behavior integration of biblical morality
  • Resource Stewardship: Responsible personal financial management
  • Emotional Intelligence: Awareness and beneficial management of feelings
  • Relational Effectiveness: Positive and beneficial interpersonal relationships
  • Social Responsiveness: Contribution to community outside of work
  • Physical Fitness: health, wellness, and discipline to meet life’s challenges.
  • Intellectual Development: mental readiness for increasingly challenging circumstances
  • Vocational Productiveness: Contribution to employer and/or community at large

Lauri Swing Performing Arts Scholarship
To reward one student who is enrolled in Band or Choir at LPCS.  This student displays a Christ like character and shows a strong work ethic in performing arts class

Wayne Smith Scholarship
To recognize a member of the class who attends Lakewood Park Baptist Church and has been called into full time ministry

LPCS Scholarship Fund
This fund provides emergency financial aid to a student whose family experiences an unexpected hardship (i.e. medical emergency, house fire, death) during the school year.  This short term assistance is based on available funds and the family’s demonstrated financial need.