Spiritual Development

Spiritual formation is an important aspect of a Lakewood Park education, to continue to form students during their adolescent years. An important aspect of their spiritual development is chapel, where students are led in worship, instructed in God’s Word and encouraged in their daily walk in the Christian life.

Our secondary students have chapel every Thursday in two separate chapel services, one for our Junior High students and one for Senior High students. The program, planned by the Spiritual Development Coordinator and the student worship team, consists of speakers, videos, and programs that are relevant to the young people of today.

After chapel, students break into small groups known as “Mission Teams” to discuss the topic from that day’s chapel session. Once a month, high school groups perform community service, such as visiting a nursing home or participating in a cleanup project. Junior high students participate in community service once a quarter. Students are also required to perform 25 hours of Christian service per year in order to graduate.