Behavior Expectations

The fundamental goal of Lakewood Park is to provide a Christian education to our students and a Christ-like model to the community. In light of our goals, lifestyle is an important consideration. Our students and staff are considered to be representatives of the school twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. At times, school consequences will be applied to behavior that occurs away from the school and outside of school time. If a child begins to live an unbiblical lifestyle, the school reserves the right to remove the student.

Students must adhere to the following behavior expectations:

  1. Be punctual (in class and seated when the bell rings).
  2. Be prepared (come to class with technology device, notebooks, textbooks, a writing instrument and assignments).
  3. Participate (take notes, be involved in discussion, respond when called upon).
  4. Have proper posture (avoid putting feet on desks or chair seats, tipping chairs, sitting on desk tops, or putting head down as if sleeping).
  5. Talk in class only at the direction of the teacher.
  6. Bottles of water (no pop, coffee, tea, etc.) may be used in class. A small snack may be eaten during third period if approved by the teacher. Snack must fit into a single sandwich ziplock bag.
  7. Students should take an appropriate book to read for individual enjoyment in every class.