Athletics & Activities

​Lakewood Park Christian School seeks to maintain an emphasis on athletics for personal rejuvenation, with a healthy degree of competitiveness, all while glorifying God. Interscholastic athletics are provided for those who wish to excel in physical skills. Students can participate in competitive sports starting in fifth grade. At the fifth and sixth grade level, we currently offer girls and boys soccer, girls volleyball and girls and boys basketball. Athletic camps are offered through our athletic department.

We also offer a variety of activities to engage all our elementary students’ interests. Such activities include:

  •     Junior Achievement
  •     Book-It Reading Incentive Program
  •     Field Day
  •     Grandparents Day
  •     Classroom Parties
  •     National Day of Prayer
  •     Musical Programs
  •     Bible and Reading Buddies
  •     Community Service Projects
  •     Summer Camps
  •     Science Fair (grades 1 – 12)
  •     Spell Bowl (grades 4 – 6)
  •     Kindergarten Graduation

For more information about these programs, please check out our Special Programs page. To better serve all our students, we aim to cater to a wide range of interests through our offerings of athletics and activities. Come and see what we have to offer for your student! We have something for everyone at Lakewood Park Christian School.