Driver’s Education

Driver’s Education is Back
Driver’s training is back and better than ever at Lakewood Park Christian School. It is an approved Indiana BMV program. With the purchase of a car, we are now able to provide instruction year round. This also allows for flexibility in scheduling throughout the year. Registration forms are available at this site or in the school office.


  • Lakewood Park offers a Summer and Winter onsite classroom (minimum of 10 students) and driving session.
  • Students that complete the written course work portion of the program online with a BMV approved program can do the driving with Lakewood Park to complete the program. This can be scheduled anytime after they have their permit.
  • Lakewood Park now offers the Driver’s Waiver test to students that complete the Lakewood Park program. If they pass then they do not have to take the driving test at the license branch to get their license.
  • Students not in an official drivers’ training course can still pay to have practice lessons that are designed for their specific needs.

Andrew Baker is the administrator and instructor for the program. He received his certification from Bethel College and has been instructing students for ten years. Up to this point, he has never had an accident with any of his student drivers. If you have any questions contact him at [email protected] or on his cell 260-920-4741.