Design Learning Center

The DESIGN Learning Center is a place where your student can learn at his or her own pace, progress to grade level, and learn study/organizational skills that he or she can apply in future learning situations. As a parent, you can expect the following:

• A partnership between the DESIGN instructors, classroom teacher(s), your student, and you to help your student achieve and celebrate success

• A learning plan created to fit your student’s unique needs and D.E.S.I.G.N Package, developed by a certified, experienced teacher. The plan will incorporate creative teaching methods that will build self-confidence and strengthen skills.

• Individual attention in a small group setting (one to three students per group) with a trained and qualified instructor. These groups meet one to five times per week. Each session lasts 30 – 50 minutes, depending on the age of the student and recommendations from the classroom teacher:

• On-going assessment of your student’s progress towards the objectives spelled out in the learning plan.

• Regular communication with you to convey student’s progress, modifications of the learning plan, and ways you can help the student at home. Conferences may be requested at any time and phone calls/emails are returned in a timely fashion.

• Transformed attitude towards school and learning as your child experiences success and begins to understand that he/she is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” We want your student to develop, utilize, and celebrate the strengths of his/her God-given D.E.S.I.G.N. package; understand that areas of weaknesses are only places where he/she may have to humbly depend on God or other people; and learn strategies that will help him/her overcome or compensate for these weaknesses

• Affordable prices.

DESIGN Learning Center

“A learning plan designed with your child in mind.”

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