​We at Lakewood Park Christian School want to make sure school is a safe place for everyone. Therefore, our immunization policy follows the codes and laws established by the State of Indiana. Students must be current with their immunizations and parents or guardians must provide the school with documentation of immunization (a photocopy of the student’s immunization records). Documentation can be submitted to the office or directly faxed from your physician’s office or a previous school that the student attended. If your student requires a catch-up schedule, please see the school nurse to coordinate spacing and scheduling of immunizations. We also want to always ensure that, in addition to being a safe place, school is a place where both parents and students can express their beliefs. Indiana law does provide an exemption to immunization for religious or medical objections. A religious exemption requires a written statement signed by the parent objecting to each immunization. A medical exemption requires a physician signature recommending exemption based on a medical condition. Exemption forms are available in the health clinic and must be renewed each school year prior to the first day of school. ​