Standardized Testing

Standardized tests can be an important tool to diagnose where students rank in comparison to their peers and where they may need some help. The Northwest Education Assessment is administered to grades seven and eight. Our upper high school students take college-entry tests. Preliminary SAT (PSAT) tests are administered at Lakewood Park, while the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT) may be taken at designated sites. For these college entry tests, Lakewood provides schedules, registration information, test study books and personal help in the classroom with related test insights to make sure that our students shine on the exams. These test results are recorded in the student’s permanent record. Other standardized tests that we administer are the end of course assessments for Algebra 1 and English 10, which is administered at LPCS; the WIDA ACCESS Test, which is administered annually to all English Language Learners; and the ACCUPLACER test, which is used to determine college readiness. No matter what standardized test our students are facing, we make sure that our students are as prepared as possible and poised to succeed.​