College Prep

Educating is about preparing students for the future, whatever that future may be. For many students, college is a big part of their future, so we are committed to preparing our students for college. One way in which we help prepare our students for college is through dual credit courses. In 2017, 78-percent of our students graduated with six or more dual college credits, which not only prepares them for their college career, but also helps students save money on expensive college courses. These dual credit courses allow our students to earn credit for high school and college simultaneously. The dual credit courses that we offer are:

Composition I and II;

Introduction to Literature;

Principles of Biology;


Calculus I; and

American History I and II.

We place a high value on academic rigor to prepare our students for the next step in their lives, whether that be college, a technical school or another path. In every setting, no matter what path they choose, our students are prepared for life because of the strong academic and spiritual foundation they received at Lakewood Park Christian School.