We here at Lakewood Park Christian School recognize that our greatest asset is our people. We could not do anything without a dedicated, well-trained staff. Our teachers are licensed in the state of Indiana, which ensures that they meet the standards established by our state, and we provide ongoing professional development to ensure that our teachers continue to improve their teaching skills. Our instruction is focused on the student. We cater our lessons to each individual student because we recognize that each student is a unique learner with unique needs. We know that academics doesn’t just end at school, but is just one piece of a bigger picture. Therefore, we seek to involve a student’s home life in their studies by reaching out to parents. We involve parents in their student’s academic journey by developing proactive and positive relationships to identify potential problems before they occur. By working together with parents, we ensure that our students have a firm foundation in academics that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.

2018-2019 Employee List