Academic Strengths

At Lakewood Park Christian School, we strive to provide students with a well-rounded, excellent education. Our dedicated teaching team places a high emphasis on making our students into great readers. We have a 90-minute reading block in our elementary school, as well as guided reading groups from PreK through Grade 6. Our students work on the craft of reading and writing through Readers & Writers Workshops in grades K – 6.

In addition to our excellent reading and writing instruction, we also offer fine arts classes for PreK through Grade 6, as well as differentiated math instruction. Our kindergarten to Grade 6 students experience science firsthand through hands-on science experiments.

Another part of what makes LPCS special is our emphasis on the Word of God. The Bible and a biblical worldview are integrated into our everyday teaching and lessons.

We are also committed to making sure that our elementary students flourish in junior high and beyond. Our RISE56 program focuses on sixth graders, using intentionally transitional programming to prepare students for success in junior high, while placing a special emphasis on our core values of community, leadership, academics, service, and spiritual development. RISE56 students have three core teachers that cover the content areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible. Students also attend related arts classes each week including Technology, Art, Band/Choir, and PE. We also plan a number of service opportunities and community-building events throughout the year. In order to prepare students to be successful in junior high, our RISE56 teachers help students build soft skills such as self-leadership, communication, collaboration, and respect.