In 1957, Pastor Chester Doden of Bible Baptist Church expressed his dream of a Christian school in DeKalb County to his son, Daryle. Nineteen years later, Faith Christian Academy opened in Bible Baptist Church with thirty-seven students. In 1980, the first student graduated from Faith Christian Academy, and by 1981, Daryle Doden purchased a 125-acre property with a 48,000 square foot facility from the Catholic Franciscan Order to fulfill his father’s dream of a Christian school. This building, known as St. Anthony’s Novitiate, had previously been used to train young men for the priesthood. The church and school moved to the new facility in April 1982 and in 1992, with 104 students enrolled, the name of the church and school were changed to Lakewood Park Baptist Church and Lakewood Park Christian School, respectively.

The following year, LPCS earned a seven-year accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).Since our humble beginnings, we have steadily grown, adding facilities, technology, and services to exceed the needs of our students. In 2000, our “Building a Legacy” campaign provided an eighteen-classroom addition to our building. The next year, our “Building a Legacy” Miracle Goal was met, adding two new computer labs, two college-level science labs and networking of the entire facility. In 2002, the DESIGN program was founded to identify each student’s unique design and develop it through large group, small group and individual activities. In 2012, we created the position of Student Advocate, which provides students with support for career planning, internships, diploma tracks, Naviance and more. Since 2011, we have strengthened our crisis planning, professional evaluations systems, our website, and our curriculum; we have also remodeled our gymnasium, upgraded our playground, and added new soccer fields. Lakewood has now been in existence for over 40 years, growing, expanding, and continuously improving in our ministry of forming difference-makers in Christ.