Behind the Scenes

As soon as the announcement was made on Friday, March 13, that school would be
dismissed for at least two weeks, teachers immediately began preparing students for
success by advising what items to take home and how to stay connected. Behind the
scenes, Lakewood’s administration team had been hard at work that entire week,
following pandemic updates, deliberating what this may mean for our school and families,
and putting support structures in place for both our teachers and our families.
If there was one main roadblock, it was TIME. Our Academic Team needed time to figure out what broad
timeline and procedures would be put in place. Teachers needed time to figure out how to run their
virtual classrooms and how to use new tools in order to make instruction meaningful. Students and
families needed time to adjust to a new normal.
Two task forces, one for elementary and one for secondary, were assembled and worked endlessly that
weekend to figure out what tools and platforms would best serve our teachers and students. The task
forces also met the entire morning on Monday, March 16, to determine details and to put procedures in
place, sacrificing their personal classroom work time for the benefit of their peers and team. Monday
afternoon and all day Tuesday were given to teachers and teams to begin this virtual learning journey.
Many meetings were conducted, ideas were shared, frameworks were built, and tears were even shed
over the continued reminder of our empty classrooms where our hearts live and thrive.
However, in keeping with the heart and vision of our school, teachers and staff poured
themselves into making virtual learning successful for our students and families.
True to the nature of Lakewood Park, our main goals were to provide our students
with the best education we can from afar and to support our students and families
in all areas – academically, relationally, and spiritually.
– Randa Witmer, Curriculum / Instructional Coach