Student-Led Chapel: Lights and Lampshades

As students filled the halls last Monday morning, they noticed some decorative additions to the secondary hallways. Corners and window sills that once sat empty were now lit with lamps, each one unique in size, color, and style. Students chatted throughout the week about the curious new decor until Thursday’s chapel revealed its purpose.

Our Sophomore class presented their student-led chapel and had designed for the lamps to serve as an illustration for the message God had laid on their hearts. Lamps, they demonstrated, come in a variety of designs and distinct lampshades, but their purpose is ultimately to give off light in the room. In the same way, we are all unique expressions of Jesus and have been given different gifts in order to shine His light to all people. While it’s easy to compare our gifts and our spirituality with others, we know from Ephesians 2:10 that it is by God’s grace that He has prepared for each one of us “good works” to do for His Kingdom. We should not be ashamed that our lampshade is different than others, but be confident that God has prepared to use the unique expression of Christ in us to shine His light. However, a lamp and its lampshade are useless if they are not plugged in to a power source.

Yes, we are all gifted with different talents and abilities, but if we are not engaged in daily communion with God through prayer and His Word, and if we are not filled up first by His love, 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 tells us that those gifts are useless. We must derive our energy and purpose from the God who is Love, and that connection will fuel our unique expression of His Love and light in the world.

But even if you plug in a lamp, if it doesn’t have a light bulb, you will still be sitting in the dark. We see in 1 Cor 12 and Romans 8:26-27  that it is the Holy Spirit who works supernaturally in us to bring to life our prayer and our gifts so that we can illuminate this dark world and shine light on the path to Jesus so that others may find their way to Him. We must act in humility and sensitivity to the Spirit as we serve in obedience.

Thank you to our Sophomores who presented this Truth in such a memorable way. Stay plugged in and shine through your lampshade the light of Christ this week!