My Lakewood Life: Ashley Koorsen

We asked alumnus and current Lakewood parent Ashley Koorsen to share about where God has led her the past few years and include any thoughts about how Lakewood has played a role in her life, either as a former student or as a parent. This is Ashley’s Lakewood Life story.

“God led me to Lakewood for a reason. I got involved, played sports, made lifelong friends, memorized the prepositions (which I can still recite to this day!), and started to come out of my shell in a way that I don’t believe would have happened elsewhere. I was in a place where it was not only ok, but encouraged to have Him there with me every step. I think I really needed that foundation to prepare me for difficult roads ahead. 

Since I graduated, I’ve gotten married, had two children, moved to another part of the state and back, been forced into single-parenthood through divorce, and am in a career path I never thought I would be in! I currently manage a local BMV, and work with employees and customers all day every day. As a huge introvert with fear of failure, I probably would have found it even more difficult to build the confidence to keep moving forward and succeed without the teaching and Godly influence I was given at Lakewood. I like to think of the position of leadership God has put me in as an opportunity to serve others as much as I am able.

My biggest takeaways from Lakewood: I knew that my teachers and coaches didn’t just care about my grades, they cared about ME. My understanding of what it meant to incorporate God into the whole of my life deepened because He was incorporated into everything we did there, even more than I realized until later.

I see these same things for my kids (2nd and 5th grade) who now both attend Lakewood. They have the support they need to thrive instead of just survive. Lakewood has changed so much since I graduated, but the spirit is still the same. I see the school working even more purposefully now as a whole, high school interacting with upper elementary, junior high with lower elementary, etc. This is an even bigger demonstration of one body made of different parts but working for one goal. Not just graduation and good grades and college acceptance, but RELATIONSHIP with each other, with teachers, with the Lord. It’s amazing to see it all coming together over the years.

My kids have a safe place to make mistakes and learn from them, grow in academic and spiritual knowledge, expand their horizons, and to do so while learning to become more like Christ. As a mom, this means the world to me! I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity I and my kids have had to partner with such a wonderful school.”