Mission Day Moments

For over 10 years, our secondary students have been going out once a month in small groups, that are now known as Mission Teams, to serve the community. This is done with the purpose of cultivating in our students a heart of service that flows out of a love for God and community with His people. This year, we are exploring a new arrangement that has our high school teams serving in a way that builds relationships as well as builds the culture of our school.

Every high school Mission Day, which takes place on the first Thursday of each month, our teams go off-campus to serve at daycares, residential care facilities, soup kitchens, and other community organizations. This year, instead of sending all of the groups each week, we are alternating, sending half to serve off site one month and half the next. The other 9 teams are paired with an elementary class, and spend that time doing activities in the classroom, playing at recess, and eating lunch with the younger students.


This time shared together allows our older students to explore the potential and responsibility they have to lead and influence the young hearts that are just a few classrooms away from them every day. It gives our younger students a connection with someone they can hopefully look up to and a friendly face as they walk through the halls. It also bridges the gap between our elementary and secondary teams, as our staff get to work together with their students a make this a mutually positive experience for all.

We are looking forward to see how the time spent between grade levels continues to build relationships and strengthen the culture of community we so greatly value at Lakewood Park.