Summit Scholarships

John Lennon’s 1971 song Imagine imagined a world without divisions and with complete peace. Over the almost fifty years since that song’s release, we are no closer to a world of peace than when Lennon wrote the song. Our world has divided itself even more, as each person can become their own ruler of their own world through social media. All of us want a world of peace and harmony, but the roads we think will get us there only lead in the opposite direction. The only solution for our world is a unified realization that Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and that the Biblical worldview provides the only answer.

Now imagine a place where you can be equipped with the truth of the Biblical worldview. Imagine an experience that would deepen your understanding of Jesus as the Prince of Peace, and draw you closer to God. Imagine an environment that would encourage you to ask life’s toughest questions. Imagine a place where experts, in so many different fields of study, were readily available to answer your questions.

Even though this sounds too good to be true, Summit Ministries provides this opportunity with their Summer Student Conferences. Over the course of two weeks during the summer, these conferences strengthen students in their faith, equip them to think through the issues of their world, and prepare them to make a difference in it. While so many high school graduates abandon Christianity in college, about 95% of Summit graduates stay active in the Church! For these reasons, for the past three years, Lakewood Park Christian School has raised the money for nine scholarships to send our junior students to Summit. We have seen the incredible growth in these students’ lives after they have returned for their senior year. We want to continue awarding these scholarships every year. This year, we would like to send four more juniors but also a senior who applied last year but didn’t get to go. Two of these scholarships are already provided by Lakewood Park Ministries.

Would you partner with us and help us raise the remaining $2000 per student that is needed? You know the need for our world. We need the next generation to be prepared to make a difference and stand for Jesus Christ. Would you help impact the next generation? Would you be a part of impacting our world? If so, any size gift is appreciated and can be sent to LPCS clearly identified for “Summit Student Scholarships.” Thank you for making an impact on our students and our world!