A Message from Dr. Yoder- Quarter 2

It is hard to believe that the first quarter is over, and that we are entering the
holiday season. The first quarter has been filled with so many things. Aside of
learning and parent/teacher conferences, we have had Back to School picnic, music
concerts, Grandparent’s Day, Fall Fundraiser and carnival, volleyball, soccer and
cross country athletics, missions, service, school play, and so much more.
Additionally, we congratulate our ladies volleyball team for a sectional win!

An additional recognition goes out to all of you. Thank you for being so involved in
your child and the school. All events are so well attended. This makes for a strong
relationship and partnership in the education and lives of your children.
Recently, we were able to purchase two larger school buses. This provides better
space for large athletic teams, as well as the ability to expand our space for
transportation to and from school. If you wish to have your child use bussing
through the school, more information is available through the website and through
Miss Jordan Placencia.

We hope that you have enjoyed the updated, new website this year. Although we
communicate in many different ways, we hope that the website is more interesting
and regularly current for your pleasure. Please share it with friends. LPCS is always
looking to grow.

May your holidays be filled with joy and loved ones.

God bless,
Dr. Yoder