Mission SOPS

  • LPCS is committed to Shaping Difference-Makers in Christ.  Part of that process is teaching students how to reach out and help others in their community, state, nation and world. 
  • So to help you understand how to reach out, LPCS has developed missions opportunities for you!

    Level 1

  • Designed for all students to participate in local outreach. These opportunities are required as part of the school day. Examples: adopting a local retirement home, children’s home, or local ministry.
  • Mission Teams!

    Level 2

  • Designed for students who want to do more. Completely student driven, as individuals, or as a group.  The student/group is the designer of the project.
  • Students would need to submit a proposal to the Principal for approval.  The sky is the limit, but an example might be developing and organizing the building of a handicap accessible playground in a local community park.
  • Example: Take a Stand Fundraiser for Destiny Rescue!

          Level 3

  • Designed for outreach in the world.  LPCS will offer one opportunity for student involvement. Each opportunity is different, providing time to serve needy people, minister, and witness.
  • Jamaica mission trip!