Community Service 
Our students must graduate with 100 hours (or 25 hours/year of attending Lakewood Park) of required service that is documented and turned in each year. Please use the following document to keep track of your hours. On the second page of the document are suggested types of activities that qualify for service hours.
Community Service Tracking Form.pdf

BIG Serve Projects
The vision of BIG Serve is to allow students to experience differing service opportunities under the guidance of a teacher or other school leader in order to use their unique gifts and talents that God has given them. Students may use BIG Serve opportunities for their community service hours. 

Mission Trip Opportunities

In order to fulfill the values held by the school board andadministration to Shape Difference Makers in Christ by teaching, training, testing and transforming our lives to be more like Jesus, we believe all high school students should experience at least one mission trip during their high school career. Because mission trips are much more than simply attending and serving during the duration of the trip, we believe the experience will create opportunities of growth in all of the following areas:

  • Discipleship – Students will meet together with their leaders at least once a month preparing spiritually by studying God’s Word. During the trip, groups will have daily quiet times, prayer and reflection through journaling or whole-group sharing.
  • Worship – Living our lives in obedience to Christ as we seek Him first and praise Him for all He has done for us is worship. Teams will challenge one another to obey God and love people. They will also encourage one another through singing in order to focus on gratitude and praise.
  • Teamwork – As teams prepare, they will grow to know one another more intimately and create team unity before they even arrive to their destination. Teams may also create fund-raising opportunities to help defer the cost of the trip that will require teamwork.
  • Leadership – Students may be asked to take on leadership roles before and during the trip where students will be mentored and challenged by the team leaders. Students should be prepared to share their testimonies while on the trip and share their experiences when they return.
  • Service – Before the trip, groups may take on small service projects as the leaders feel necessary to prepare students for the actual trip. These service opportunities may also coincide with fund-raising work. During the trip, students will be encouraged to be flexible and adaptable, humbly serving the Lord.
Mission Trip Commitment form.pdf