Internships are work-based activities in which students engage in learning through practical and relevant experiences at various internship sites. Internships are undertaken by students who are near the end of a preparatory academic program. These structured experiences involve the practical application of previously studied theory through course work. Internships are targeted to the students' meaningful future plans and allow students to explore careers that require additional degrees, certification or on-the-job training following high school.

Source: IDOE-Career and Technical Education

Internship Learning Objectives:

  1. Students assess personal skills, abilities, aptitudes, strengths, and weaknesses as they relate to career exploration and development.
  2. Students utilize career resources to develop career information.
  3. Students will use critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving techniques to promote sound, effective business decisions.
  4. Students relate the importance of health, motivation, and physical fitness to enhancing performance.
  5. Students understand the fundamentals of ergonomics and the importance of safety and emergency preparedness in the workplace.
  6. Students develop strategies and realistic plans for an effective transition from school to career.
  7. Students relate the importance of lifelong learning to career success.
  8. Students invest in others in the community to make a difference for Christ.

Internship Placement Process:

  1. Set up internship possibilities with choice career-related businesses or organizations.
  2. Fill out application.
  3. Alert business upon school approval.
  4. Fill out Commitment Form and Internship Training Agreement.
  5. Confirm schedule is set for senior year.
  6. Be ready to grow!
  7. Prepare by reviewing necessary business paperwork and soft skills.

A very important component of any experience is reflection. We have required students to reflect weekly as an accountability piece as well as for their personal leadership growth. Our goal is to help students gain the wisdom and knowledge they need in order to be a difference maker in the community. 

Weekly Internship Report and Time Sheet.pdf