College Preparation
Preparing for college is a process. Please use this page as a resource to help you make a great transition from high school to college.

Freshman Year
  • Plan out HS courses to ensure that you are on track for Core 40 or Core 40 +Honors diploma
  • Give your best effort with your grades to ensure the best GPA possible
  • Involve yourself in extra-curriculur activities, mission work and community service opportunities, taking leadership where possible
  • Begin exploring different colleges and universities online
  • Keep an online portfolio or file of your HS grades, activities, service (25 hours/year) and work projects
Sophomore Year
  • Make sure you are on course for your chosen diploma track
  • Align your elective credits with your potential interests for college and career
  • Work hard to earn the best GPA possible
  • Continue extracurricular activities, mission and service projects 
  • Take the PSAT or PLAN, precursors to the SAT and ACT college entrance tests
  • Visit different colleges and universities online or on campus
  • Investigate dual credit college credit options to earn HS and college credits simultaneously
Junior Year
  • Take a leadership role in an extracurricular activity
  • Continue to take courses on your diploma track requirements
  • Take dual credit college courses whenever possible
  • Make a strong push to give your best effort with your grades
  • Develop a list of target colleges
  • Begin preparing for the ACT or SAT. Which test should I take? See the Kaplan link for test comparisons:
1. PSAT Quickstart at
2. Family Connection at
  • Visit college campuses to begin to narrow your college choice. Visit with an admission's officer and a financial aid officer
  • Take the PSAT to possibly qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship
  • Meet with college representatives that visit your school
  • Register to take the ACT
  • Register to take the SAT
  • Apply for scholarships that are open to juniors
  • Check into summer programs and courses that allow you to earn college credit
  • Write a resume to find a summer job or internship that relates to your desired college and career path
  • If you are an athlete who wants to play college sports, meet with your coach or AD to register for eligibility and prepare stats or video for recruiting 


Senior Year
  • Start the application process for colleges and scholarships; many colleges have early registration deadlines
  • Take a rigorous course load: dual credit, AP or internship
  • Seek leadership positions or service opportunities
  • Register to retake the ACT or SAT
  • Meet with college representatives that come to school
  • Narrow your list of college choices and visit those on the top of your list
  • Complete college applications. Check deadlines. Get letters of recommendation if necessary
  • Request official transcripts from Parchment to send to your applied schools
  • Apply for any scholarship in which you are eligible
  • Attend the school's financial aid night to ask any questions about your FAFSA
  • Submit your FAFSA online before March 10
  • Turn in all community service hours to the Student Advocate
  • Review financial aid offers and college acceptance letters to help decide your college choice
  • Decide on your college choice by May 1 or earlier if your school requires; send in housing application and required deposits
  • Request final HS transcripts through Parchment
  • Request transcripts from Trine or any other colleges from which you took dual credit classes to be sent to your top college choice
  • Celebrate your HS graduation and the beginning of a new chapter in your life!
  • Secure a summer job to save money for college
  • Check with your college to see if there are opportunities to take summer courses to get an advanced start on your college credits
College Life First Semester
  • Take your first semester grades seriously as they set the trend for your GPA; know your minimum GPA to keep your academic scholarships
  • Stay involved with some type of accountability group to help you in your spiritual walk and with your studies
  • Be sure to stay connected with your family and friends at Lakewood Park!

College Visits and Representative Visits

Every fall, many college representatives visit the school during HS lunch period. We will make special appointments with representatives if necessary. Take advantage of the availability of representatives to answer any questions you may have. 

In addition, we will visit several area Christian colleges. Students may sign up on a first come, first serve basis. Usually, we take 14 students as that number will fill a mini bus. Most trips are for the entire day. Students may have 2 college visit days their junior year and two during their senior year.

College Applications/Transcripts

Most applications are now online. Take advantage of free application processing and no postage due by applying online. When you apply to a college, you may request your high school trancripts by going to to register. Enter the registration code provided by your school counselor, and build your profile. To request a transcript:
1. Log into your account
2. Go to My Transcripts
3. Search for and select the destination
4. Confirm destination and delivery
You may also track your transcript status by going to My Transcripts and click on Track.

CONNECT Meetings

Throughout the school year, the Student Advocate will hold meetings designed to give you information or answer questions. Please be involved in these meetings as you will be well informed to stay on the timeline for college preparation. The dates and times will be posted on the website and sent to your email through the newsletter.

Study Resources (Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline)

A resource you may use to plan, prepare and pay for college can be found at the following link: